Yellow Front Amazon

Amazona ochrecephala

 About 15 oz and 14"
Aka as the Yellow-crowned Amazon
Considered Stable but declining

The Yellow-fronts I have known have all been delightful ... if there is such a bird with bad behaviors, he or she has escaped my acquaintance. The ones that I have met have been gentle and playful. Many of the people who live with these parrots describe them as being the absolute sweetest, most easy-going Amazon companion. They are often described as remaining even tempered as adults whether they are companions or breeding birds. They seem less likely to form a strong exclusive bond than some of the other Amazons and often stay tame to all of the people in their lives. Perhaps all of the Yellow-fronts I have known were well-socialized. That could certainly account for why they were all such wonderful birds?  

I have met a few dozen Yellow-fronts and no one who has one has ever said anything bad about them to me. I recently met another mellow Yellow-front at an event called Avian Appreciation Day at a plant nursery in nearby Fort Collins, Colorado. The Amazon was on the woman’s shoulder for most of the day and even though he was an 11 year old bird and this was the first time she had brought him to an event with so many people, he was incredibly relaxed and not the least bit threatened by anything that happened … talk about adaptability. He stayed put and was curious about every thing. Another woman walked by with a Yellow-nape on her shoulder who pinned his eyes. The Yellow-front was curious but not at all threatened. He was also one gorgeous Amazon with bright smooth feathers. Slappy, a young yellow-front, belongs to friends of mine and is also a delightful parrot who can be a bit willful at times but makes up for it with her great personality.

Several years I met a very sweet Yellow-front hen who sang several songs and had quite an impressive vocabulary. Her conversations were quite appropriate, but mostly she loved to tell herself how pretty she was. This is often a minor problem with talkative parrots. We continually tell them how pretty and handsome they are using their names so they learn to repeat their names with our compliments. It is nice; however, if we just teach them to say, “you’re so pretty” and we can pretend they are really complementing us.

For the most part, I think these parrots have a similar sweet personality to the Panama Amazons. They are, after all, the same species. Of both Amazons, I think the Yellow-front is a bit more spirited but it probably depends on the individual. Those who live with these parrots declare them to be the absolute sweetest, most easy going Amazon companion. They have a tendency to be less aggressive and be more predictable than some of the other Amazons. People have described the Yellow-front to me as remaining even-tempered as adults both as pets and breeders. In fact, I have been told by several breeders that their mated pairs still appreciate human attention and affection. Even older birds who have who have lived with other parrots for many years still stay tame to people and if they are in a new home, it is relatively easy to win them over. The ones I have known have had very gentle playful personalities who like to cuddle wrestle but are less likely to go into overload behavior. Some individuals don’t seem to play as hard as some of the other Amazons and caregivers report that they tend to remain a bit more sedentary than their other Amazons. Yellow-fronts tend to be very social Amazons who seem to be less likely to form a strong exclusive bond with one person, which means they often stay tame to all of the people who take the time to pay attention to them. One married woman told me that she bought a previously owned Yellow-front from a pet shop despite the fact that the owner of the store told her that the bird was vicious and hated men. It was more likely that the bird was very uncomfortable with that bird store owner and the woman bought the bird anyway. The bird had no trouble with her husband who understood how to calmly win her trust. The worst thing that I have heard about these Amazons is that they came to their new home being aggressive, but it didn’t take very long at all to win them over. Are they all perfect? Perhaps not, but I have many marvelous testimonials from everyone I have talked with about them and certainly these delightful birds should be gaining popularity!




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