Yellow billed Amazon

Amazona collaria

» 11” (28 cm) M/F similar
» Also called Jamaican Yellow-billed, and Red-throated Amazon
» From Jamaica
» Bred in captivity but extremely rare as a human companion.

These pretty little Amazons are very rare as companions but some are being bred in captivity now.

In the late 1980’s I wandered into a not so great pet shop and discovered a bedraggled little Yellow-billed Amazon in a dark area in the shop. I was amazed that I recognized what kind of parrot it was, it looked so bad. Knowing how rare they were, I couldn't believe that one was actually in front of me, I feigned ignorance to get the bird out of the shop. The bird was on consignment and I made an offer and took him home. The shop owner had no idea how rare he was and I got him for a decent price. I nursed him back to health and tamed him. I had him for about a year and since they are so rare, I found a breeder who wanted him. Again this seemed to be the right thing to do then but I wish I had kept him. He was a great little bird with an abundance of personality. Most likely since they are from Jamaica, they were never exported. My guess is that he had been smuggled in when his owners moved to the United States.   




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