Waglers Conure

Was: Aratinga wagleri
Now: Psittacara wagleri

by Sally Blanchard

» Also known as Red-fronted Conure, Red-fronted parakeet, Scarlet-fronted parakeet 
» Endemic to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela 
» About 14" in length 
» 3 sub-species 
A.w.wagleri, A.w.transilis, A.w.frontata, A.w.minor 
» Has red and yellow feather pattern on under-wing coverts
» Another fairly common companion conure but it can be confused with other conures in this group.

Too many people bought these birds because they were cheap and then, because they didn’t know what to do with them, they got rid of them. My mechanic in Alameda, CA had two conures that were noisy so he threw them out the door. They were most likely two of the birds that joined the Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Some people didn’t bother to get any information, nor did they have any idea that they had the potential to be incredible companions. Although just about everyone said that they were difficult to tame, I found that my method of slowing down my energy, and working with them gently in a towel was highly successful. Once I could get them to relax enough for me to give them a much-needed head skritch (which was definitely the way to their heart), they were putty in my hands.

Hand-fed babies were rare because these conures did not fetch a high price. They can be noisy but that noise can often be channeled into talking. Like most conures, these birds can be very playful and acrobatic. There still seem to be quite a few older birds of this species who need good homes. They can be very resilient and with patience and guidance they can still be a good friend.

I worked with several of these conures some time ago and found them and the others in the conure group with red on their heads to be delightful companions. Unfortunately years ago they were cheap enough that many people didn't take them seriously and gave up on them. That is probably why so many have become feral. 




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