Psittacus erithacus timneh

While the generalizations that wild-caught Timneh African Greys could be difficult to tame has been presented over and over as fact, the truth is that many imported. Timnehs tamed down very well. It depended on whether the person working with them was patient and not always in a big hurry to have the “perfect” bird.

Sometimes the reputation of a wild-caught parrot persists into the mythology of hand-fed parrots. I think that this is the situation with Timnehs who have never reached the popularity of the Congo Grey. Handfed Timnehs should not still be confused with the negative reputation of some wild-caught birds. When Timnehs are raised and hand-fed properly, they can be a very intelligent and sweet companion.

Timnehs are smaller than the Congo Greys but that can be a positive trait for people who want a somewhat smaller parrot. Timnehs have many of the same traits as the Congo Grey and should not be underrated. Timneh caregivers are quite adamant that their parrots are every bit as wonderful as any Congo Grey, if not more wonderful depending on who is doing the bragging.

Timneh Greys can be good talkers and whistlers. They seem to have a steadier, less sensitive personality that makes them a little less likely to develop phobic behaviors. Generally speaking, they are playful, acrobatic, and adventuresome. I have met quite a few clever, intelligent, and inquisitive Timnehs. One of their favorite activities is to simply hang out with the people in their lives and focus intently on what they are doing. I personally have found that the Timneh Greys I have met have been really cute parrots with incredibly endearing personalities.

I haven’t heard a lot of negative comments from people who live with Timneh Greys, especially in regards to feather picking or phobic behavior. I think that if they ever became as popular as the Congo Greys, we would hear more negatives about them. I think this is because if they became as popular as their larger versions, more production breeders would be raising them. If this happened, we might begin to see a lot more poorly socialized Timnehs with some of the problems that production-raised Congo Grey’s exhibit.




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