Noble Macaw Ducky

By Lynne Page 

As befits the charming prince he is, Noble macaw Ducky sleeps every night nestled inside a royal blue bed (a sleeve cut from a sweatshirt) on a pillow on a throne (or chair). Though it is not obvious to the commoner’s eye, Ducky’s pillow has a shallow Noble-sized indentation in the foam stuffing, made by the loving hands of the mother or his chambermaid. Each night, Ducky proclaims “Go night night, heads into his sleeve held open by his chambermaid, turns around and backs into just the right spot, and settles into his pillow. 

During one recent royal bedtime ritual, the instant Ducky had seemed settled, his princely head popped out of the sleeve and he complained sadly. Again his chambermaid held his sleeve so he could back up to snuggle down, but again he popped right back out and complained. Four times this happened and the prince no doubt was wondering how so noble a bird got stuck with such a dumb servant. Finally, she understood the problem: the royal pillow had become rotated a quarter-turn so that the noble body was across the indentation instead of nestled into it. Once the bed was turned to its proper orientation, the prince immediately disappeared into his sleeve for a royal snuggle and peace reigned once more.




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