The Beak Book

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Why Parrots Bite - How to Change That




The BEAK BOOK .pdf Written and Illustrated by Sally Blanchard
The Only Publication Dedicated to Understanding, Preventing, and Solving Aggression and Biting Behaviors in Companion Parrots 
This is the NEW .pdf version. The In-print Beak Book is out of print.

99 pages Written and Illustrated by Sally Blanchard - The Name You Can Trust in Parrot Information
With a section on first aid for parrot bites by Ellen Selden Schrieber, M.D. and Brad Selden, M.D.

- The Beak Book is the first comprehensive book with practical trust building information about preventing and solving the number 1 problem people have with companion parrots. As editor/publisher of the Companion Parrot Quarterly, author of the Companion Parrot Handbook, and long time Parrot Psychology columnist for the Original Bird Talk magazine, and regular writer for Parrots Magazine, Sally Blanchard is perhaps the best-known and most highly respected name in the field of companion parrot information. 

- With her theory of Nurturing Guidance, Sally Blanchard provides parrot caregivers with a logical, common sense, trust-building approach to maintaining a positive relationship with companion parrots. The highly praised Companion Parrot Handbook gives readers practical information about all aspects of parrot behavior and care. The Beak Book provides readers with extensive information they need to understand and work with aggressive behavior. 
It is unlikely that anyone who first brings a companion parrot into his or her life has the idea that it will be a temporary situation. Unfortunately many parrots do not stay in their homes because their caregivers don't have the information they need to provide the behavioral guidance that keeps them tame. With over thirty years of bird experience and her theory of Nurturing Guidance, Sally Blanchard's practical advice shows you why biting and aggression are actually the easiest behavioral problems to understand, prevent, and solve. Sally Blanchard's long awaited Beak Book will play an instrumental role in keeping reader's parrots in their homes. 

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