Amazons Bowling

Taking My Amazons "Bowling"
by Sally Blanchard

Back then, there weren’t many good products for birds. When I took Paco and Rascal visiting or to their veterinarian in the winter, I wanted to keep them warm. I took a bath towel and put it in the dryer and then since there weren’t any good carriers for birds, I placed the towel and the Amazons inside of a bowling ball bag. It was big enough to hold my ball and shoes and 2 Double yellow-head Parrots. They became used to being in the bowling ball bag and knew that it meant that they were going to go visiting and I had no trouble getting them into their "carrier."

One evening, as I was getting in the car, they were carrying on and squabbling in the bag. I held the bag up to my face and said in my best disciplinarian's voice, "If you don’t behave yourself, you won’t get to go to dinner!” It was about that time that my new neighbors greeted me and asked me if I was going bowling. Imagine their concerns about my sanity and “the neighborhood” when they saw me reprimanding my ‘bowling ball’.




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