Tahiti Lory

Vini peruviana

» Also called the Tahiti Lorikeet, Violet Lorikeet, Tahitian Lory, Blue Lory, Nunbird, and the Indigo Lory.
» About 5 to 6" in length and 33 grams (the is male often a bit larger)
» Endemic to 8 islands around Tahiti but has been extirpated from Tahiti itself and most of the other Society Islands.
» Males can be quite aggressive towards hens in captivity
» CITES I: Considered to be 
Vulnerable due to the introduction of non-native predators such as cats and rats and habitat destruction. 
» Very rare in aviculture. The first UK breeding record was held by the Duke of Bedford (aka The Marquis of Tavistock) a well-known aviculturist and author during the first half of the 20th century.
» Too rare and endangered to be available as companions.
» Their diet is primarily nectar but they also will eat fresh fruits.

I was lucky enough to see these diminutive birds when they were on display at the San Diego Zoo many years ago. I presume that it was a pair in an aviary with a great deal of foliage. I watched them for about a half an hour and during that time, they were very active and seemed to enjoy chasing each other around the fairly large enclosure. The next time I was at the zoo, I was told that they had been removed from public viewing so that they had more privacy for breeding. I don't know what happened to them beyond that but it was wonderful to be able to see them. 




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