Stellas Lory

Charmosyna papou stellae

» Also called the Papuan Lorikeet and Mount Goliath Lorikeet (C.p.goliathina)
» 16" in length with about half of that being their tail and 95 grams
» There is a melanistic phase where the normal red is replaced by black
» Sexually dimorphic with the hen's back and sides of the rump being yellow
» Fairly well established in aviculture
» Considered to have excellent potential as a companion
» Considered to be 
stable in its range

Nector should be the major part of their diet with the addition of fruits, pollens, blossoms and small seeds. Dry powder should be no more than 15%. 

I have seen these stunningly beautiful birds in aviaries but have not known any that were companions. The aviary birds were delightful to watch as they flew through their large aviaries with their long tails streaming behind them.




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