Spix Macaw Profile

Cyanopsitta spixii

» The only member of the Cyanopsitta genus.
» CITES I Declared extinct in the wild with at least 85 known birds in captivity mostly in the Middle East
» Range was in parts of the Brazilian state of Bahia.
» Dependent on the Caraibeira tree for nesting
» About 22 to 23" in length.

In July of 2002 a woman called a Colorado veterinarian's office for information about taking of her macaw, Presley. The bird had lived with the woman for about 25 years and had recently become depressed because his buddy, an Amazon, had died. The vet tech, Micki Muck answered the phone and talked to the caller who didn't know what kind of macaw she had. Amazingly the bird turned out to be a Spix macaw, which is extinct in the wild. In the next few months, Micki worked with bir's owner and several conservation groups. After 5 months of rehabilitation, Presley was ready to be flown to Brazil to be part of a captive breeding program to help restore these macaws to their natural habitat. He was paired with Flor, a hen Spix and there were two eggs that were well-nurtured but most likely because of Presley's age and health, they were infertile. This may be the kind of story that movies are made about and the movie Rio was inspired by Presley's discovery. The film ended happily ever after and there was hope that Presley would contribute genetic material to the limited captive Spix macaw bloodlines but unfortunately it was not to happen.




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