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Bring the industry's leading Parrot Behavioralist to your Bird Club, Rescue/ Sanctuary, Bird Shop, Conference, or Veterinarian Practice.
Sally Blanchard has produced well over 100 programs about companion parrot behavior and care over the last 40 years. She has spoken at every significant companion parrot convention in North America (Including Canada) and organized 4 successful conventions through the Parrot Behavioral Information Council. Although Sally has cut down on the amount of speaking she has done in the last few years, She is willing to continue a limited number of speaking engagements for select audiences. Sally’s requirements include a speaker's fee (negotiable to some extent depending on the situation) and payment of transportation costs (airport shuttle and flight) and animal care requirements. Sally has no problem staying at someone's home with two exceptions: no smoking and no birds in the room she sleeps in.
For more information and/or to arrange a program or seminar, please contact her through this website  or purchase a base package here that can be adjusted once the consultation process begins.

Past Sally Blancard Accomplishments:

- Sally has been invited to speak at every significant companion parrot convention in the U.S. and Canada. Also spoke at 2 Companion parrot conferences in England.

- Sally studied biology, psychology, anatomy and sociology in college. Received B.A. in Art and Teaching Credential from California State University at Los Angeles

- Sally studied Ornithology at Central Missouri State University

- Sally completed the Cornell University Laboratory Ornithology Course. 

- Sally taught a monthly Companion Parrot Class at the San Francisco SPCA for over 5 years. Also taught regular parrot classes at other Humane Societies in the SF Bay Area

 - Sally has spoken at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine on 3 occasions.

- Sally has been featured as a parrot expert on several television shows (NOVA) and in books, magazines, and other publications.

- Sally successfully tamed hundreds of wild-caught parrots of many species.

- Sally has performed hundreds of successful in-home, hands on consultations with parrot caregivers

- Sally has conducted hundreds of successful telephone consultations.

- Sally ran 4 highly successful Companion Parrot Conventions in Oakland, CA and in Minneapolis, MN. 

- Sally Wrote many articles for Bird Talk, Birds USA and other magazines from 1989 to 2012 ...  including 4 different columns in Bird Talk; Parrot Psychology, Medium Birds, Nature versus Nurture, and Parrot Stories. I also wrote for several other now defunct parrot publications. Sally is still writing for the Bird Talk Annual. I now write for Parrots Magazine as one of their experts.

- Sally has published a parrot magazine since 1991. First The Pet Bird Report, then The Companion Parrot Quarterly, and now the Companion Parrot Magazine .pdf

- Sally is an innovator of many now-common theories of working with companion parrots and their behaviors. 

- Sally has  an unquenchable thirst for information about all aspects of birds and parrots and have studied and shared the information about them extensively for over forty-five years.

- Sally knowns birds so well that she sculpted birds from rare hardwoods for over 20 years. Sally now does Tongue-in-Beak Claywork Caricatures and Color Pencil Parrot Portraits.

- Sally has had birds as pets from childhood

- Sally has had parrots since 1976

- Sally has been an avid bird watcher for over 45 years. Observed wild parrots in Costa Rica

 Sally's Previus Speaking Enagement Locations

Arizona, Cascabel (The Oasis)

Arizona, Glendale

Arizona, Phoenix 2x

Arizona, Tucson 4x

British Columbia, Canada, Victoria 2x

California, Anaheim

California, Arcata

California, Berkeley 2x

California, Burlingame 4x

California, Capitola

California, Chico

California, Citrus Heights

California, Concord 2x

California, El Cajon

California, El Cerrito

California, Eureka

California, Fresno

California, Lafayette

California, Los Angeles 2x

California, Marina Del Rey

California, Merced

California, Mill Valley

California, Milpitis

California, Monterey

California, Novato 4x

California, Oakland 6x

California, Palo Alto

California, Portola Valley

California, Prunedale

California, Sacramento 3x

California, San Carlos

California, San Clemente

California, San Diego 3x

California, San Francisco over 60x

California, San Jose 3x

California, San Mateo 5x

California, San Rafael

California, Santa Barbara 3x

California, Santa Monica

California, Santa Rosa

California, Torrance

California, U.C.Davis Vet School 2x

Colorado, Denver 8x

Colorado, Loveland 4x

Connecticut, Hartford

Florida, Fort Meyers

Florida, Jacksonville

Florida, Orlando 3x

Florida, Sarasota 2x

Florida, Tampa

Georgia, Atlanta

Georgia, Roswell

Illinois, Chicago

Illinois, Naperville

Indiana, Indianpolis

Kansas, Wichita

Kentucky, Lexington

Louisiana, New Orleans

Maryland, Rockville

Massachusetts, Acton 4x

Massachusetts, Boston

Michigan, Grand Rapids

Michigan, Lansing

Minnesota, Burnsville 2x

Minnesota, Eden Prairie

Minnesota, Minneapolis 2x

Missouri, Kansas City

Nevada, Las Vegas 3x

New Jersey, Burlington 3x

New Jersey, Cherry Hill

New York, Albany

New York, Long Island 4x

New York, New York City

North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham

Ohio, Cincinnati

Ohio, Cleveland

Ohio, Toledo

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Tulsa

Ontario, Canada, Guelph 2x

Ontario, Canada, Toronto 5x

Oregon, Eugene

Oregon, Portland

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Quebec, Canada, Montreal

Tennessee, Knoxville

Texas, Austin

Texas, Carrollton 3x

Texas, Conroy

Texas, Dallas 2x

Texas, Houston 4x

Texas, San Antonio

United Kingdom, Stratford

United Kingdom, London (June 22, 2014)

Utah, Salt Lake City

Virginia, Arlington

Virginia, Alexandria

Virginia, Newport News

Virginia, Virginia Beach 2x

Washington, Bellevue

Washington, Mercer Island

Washington, Seattle 2x

Washington D.C., Washington DC

Wisconsin, Madison

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