Slender Billed Conure

Enicognathus leptorhynchus

» Also called the Slender-billed parakeet and the Long-billed parakeet
» About 15-16" length and about 240 grams
» Endemic to central Chile
» Populations are considered stable at this time.
» Not as popular as they should be! I am biased but these birds are a great companion with lots of personality.

Until Twiggy came to live with me about ten years ago, my only experience with this uncommon conure was with two individual companions and one breeding pair. This unusual conure has a naturally long, pointy, narrow beak but it is too long to even really bite. I have rarely met a more comical parrot. Their high-energy play can keep people entertained for hours. Even the young breeding pair rolled around play wrestling on the floor of their cage until they were exhausted.

One day I walked into a bird shop and there was a Slender-billed Conure. The owner of the shop said that she had decided that she wasn’t going to sell her because she didn’t think anyone would understand such an excitable, bitey bird with such a sharp beak. I took her home and Twiggy has been a joy in my life ever since. She mutters constantly about almost anything - I can never understand her but it is very bossy sounding. She does say several words clearly including her name, “Peek-a-boo,” and “What are you doing?” Her favorite thing in the world is to swing. She hangs upside down from a ring and says, “ready!” Then I grab the chain and  make the ring swing. The more it swings, the most she laughs with delight. If it gets to be too much, she just flies off! 




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