saving earth

Ten Years to Save Our Planet

by Sally Blanchard

I beg of people who are NOT aware of what this administration is doing to the environment of our country and much of the world and its wildlife to pay attention and learn about it. You need to think of your future, your children, your grandchildren, and their children into the future. You need to think of the parrots, the birds, and the wildlife of the world and do everything you can to help save them, even if it means changing your political ideas about a few things. It is an absolute fact that we are in the progress of a mass extinction because of what we are doing to our only home - the earth. It will not be much longer before it all becomes obvious that we as humans, will also have a bleak future. We, humans, are the only ones who can come to our senses and keep the planet healthy for the future of humanity and the animals and plants we share the earth with. This world has lost its necessary balance for us all to survive together and no one else is going to save us. I don't have a long future left at my age but I care deeply about the future of our "Beautiful Blue Home".

When you vote, vote for the salvation of our environment, wildlife, and our planet! Just like the Corona Virus, this is NOT a Liberal Hoax. Ignore this and we all and generations to come will suffer.




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