Salvins Amazon
Amazona autumnalis salvini

- A sub-species of the Red-lored Amazon
- Range extends from
Northern Nicaragua south to Colombia and Venezuela.
- Does hybridize with the Red-lored other sub-species lilacina in parts of its range.
- A bit larger than the Red-lored
and lacks the yellow on the lores and red on the inner webs of the outer tail feathers.
- Rare in captiviy and in the pet trade

I have met and spent time with 2 Salvin's Amazons. One was an older bird, as I recall he was at least 60 then. An elderly woman had the Salvins n her family for many years. He was well-loved and talked a bit. She had fed the Amazon fresh foods for its entire life with him. The other was also an older bird, but not as old as the first one, and was also well cared for. Both birds lived in Northern California so there may have been some imported into that area many years before. I never learned about anyong breeding them.




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