Saint Vincent Amazon

Amazona guildingii

by Sally Blanchard

» 16” (40.5 cm) M/F similar
» There are two color morphs: the yellow-brown and the green
» From the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles
» Rare in captivity. They were severely endangered with their survival depending on human intervention. However, because of a great deal of work by conservation groups (including Paul Butler of R.A.R.E.) the population of St Vincent has been increasing and they are now classified as 
vulnerable CITES I. 

I once read a description of these beautiful birds as "stained glass in flight." I was lucky enough to see two of the yellow-brown morph St. Vincents behind the scenes at the Houston Zoo. They were incredibly beautiful, even more so than I could have imagined. Years ago, I read that it was not unusual to see these rare parrots in small cages on the porches of native people. Now with education, the people from St. Vincent realize that their national bird is of great value if it is left in the wild.




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