Red Vented Cockatoo Profile

Cacatua haematuropygia 

» Also known as the Red-vented corella and the Philippine cockatoo
» CITES I Critically Endangered
» From the Philippines: now extirpated from much of its range because of capture for the pet trade, habitat destruction, and persecution as an agricultural pest. The Katala Foundation in the Philippines is working to save this rare cockatoo.
» A smaller cockatoo at about 12"

My major experience with these rare and critically endangered cockatoos is seeing the ones in Chris Shank’s flock of flying cockatoos. They loved competing with the other cockatoos to land on Chris’s shoulder and head ... a cockatoo version of King of the Mountain. Once her shoulders and head were too full of ’toos, Chris just shakes them all off so they can compete for a place with her again. 

Seeing them at Cockatoo Downs, they seemed similar in personality to the other small corella-type cockatoos but that opinion is not based on an in-depth knowledge of them. I only met one who was a pet and she was one of the better behaved cockatoos I have known. They do have a reputation for being quieter than other cockatoos but still have their verbal communication, calls and screeches. While there may be some people who have them as pets, because of their rarity, I believe that these birds should be parent-raised in quality breeding situations to produce healthy breeding stock for the future. The males do have a reputation for being quite aggressive to the hens, so hens are greatly valued in aviculture.




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