Red Lory
RED LORY Eos bornea  (formerly Eos rubra)
» Also know as the Moluccan Lory
» Height about 11" with weight about 170 grams » Endemic to several Indonesian Islands including Seram, Amboina, Saparu, Buru, and others
» Common in aviculture and as a companion lory
» Considered to be an excellent, playful, curious companion
» Considered to be 
stable in their natural range
Diet should consist of a large variety of fruits with some germinated seed. They will readily consume the dry powder but it shouldn't be their total diet
Years ago, I had two imported lories in my life. One was a Chattering lory who I couldn’t tame down. It didn't occur to me at the time that part of the reason could be because the sides at the bottom of the cage were very shiny and the bird loved its reflection.
The other was a Red (Moluccan) lory who became very tame. Both were in a pet shop being fed a very bad diet consisting of sunflower seed and milk with honey. Gypsy, the Red lory, tamed down very quickly and was very smart. I didn't really know if Gypsy was a male or a female because the genders look the same. I just decided she was a hen but I don't remember why? Maybe it was because she was so pretty. She was an absolute delight. Her favorite game was with poker chips. I would put all of the three colors in a bowl and place it on the floor. She would fly down and throw them all over the living room floor. Once she was done scattering them, I would tell her to put them back. At first, I helped but it didn’t take long for her to run around the room collecting one color at a time and putting them back into the bowl. With her full wings, she would dive-bomb into any container of liquid so I had to be very careful that she wasn’t out when I was cooking.
She was gloriously beautiful and won Best of Show at one of the few bird shows that I attended in the Midwest, beating out a Hyacinth macaw and the first caique I ever saw. Gypsy also developed a vocabulary of about 20 words and said them clearly enough to be understood. When I moved back to California I was moving into a much smaller house and a good friend of mine adored Gypsy, so she went to live with him. He loved to play the poker chip game with her and I knew he would give Gypsy a great home.





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