Red Bellied Macaw

Orthopsittaca manilata

by Sally Blanchard

» From swamp or wetland areas of Amazonian South America that contain Moriche Palms
» 18"
» Although it is rare in some of its previous range, it is considered stable in much of its range

» This very unusual bird is rare in captivity because their specialized diet, habitat requirements and flock traditions make it difficult to breed, raise, and keep them. In the wild, they depend on the Moriche Palm for food and nest sites. As the habitat for these palm trees is diminished, the birds will become more threatened. Most of the birds that were captured in the wild died within a few days and it has been very difficult to keep the birds that made it, died within a short time.  

If you have or are considering getting one of these rare macaws, it is important to realize that they are expensive because of their rarity and have very specific nutritional needs. Since they are very social birds, they will need a great deal of attention or more than one of them. You will need to research them thoroughly. People who don't want to go the extra mile for them should not have them. 




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