Pet Bird Report #36




Published October 1997

Cover by Paul Ross 

Tales of the Grey Side: The World According to Bongo Marie 
Sally Blanchard

Mitthu: The Rose-ringed Parakeet: A Childhood Pet in India 
Kamal Narang ·

Part II - Pet Trade Sleepers 
    Bourke’s Parakeet
    Gold-capped Conure
    Maximillian Pionus
    Derbyan Parakeet
    Red-fronted Macaw 

Be Aware of Your Bird’s Environment
Jane Hallander 

Life With Siva (Umbrella Cockatoo) and Friends: Every Day Is 
    An Adventure 
 Su Egan 

Understanding Separation Anxiety In Parrots
Kashmir Csaky 

Mini Macaws: Big Birds For Their Size
Libby Wood & Sally Blanchard ·

Patterning Good Behavior In Senegals

The Plight of the Moluccan Cockatoo in the Wild
Dr. Stewart A. Metz 

A Study about Parrotlet Relationships
Lynne Page

The Fun Pages: 
    If Parrots Had People For Pets
Sally Blanchard 
    Recipe ‘Just Muffin’ Bread
Fowl Play 
Spark J Settle 
    Waiting for Everett (Blue-Front)
Lynne Page 
    BIG (Birds In Grey)
Jane Hallander 

Dreamtime Down Under: An American Breeding Birds in Australia 
Sam Foster

Bappies First Cage

The Oasis Pet Sanctuary
Jody Bright, PBR Staff 

Facial Bites, Nozzle Nuzzling and Tummy Kisses ·

Fun Facts: An Adroit Gauche Cockatoo
Sally Blanchard 

The World Parrot Trust: Worth Projects: 
    St Vincent Amazon, 
    Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, 
    Red-vented Cockatoo
Sally Blanchard 

Welcome To The BirdHouse: A New Home for Danny
Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Second Hand Smoke & Diet Joel Blumberg DVM 

Adventures with Spikey Le Bec
Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews
Sally Blanchard 

Sally Blanchard
    A Companion for a Blue & Gold?
    Food Coloring in Bird Diets
    Getting A Grey Out of His Cage
Sally Blanchard 

Letters to the Editor: 
    Jeff Riebe’s Cartoons
    Cockatoo Kudos
    Steve Martin Criticism
    Bathing Ritual 
    Educated Educators
    Functional Cage
    Vertical Cage Bars 

Issue #36 Anatomy Crossword Puzzle
Issue #36 Word Search 

Readers Forum: 20 Questions for PPOs
Virginia Caputo