Pet Bird Report #47




100 Pages - Published May 2000 - $6.00
Cover by Nancy Boudreau

Comfort Behaviors And Self-Stimulation Sally Blanchard

The Optimal Environment Part II: Diet And Nutrition

Housing Single Parrots At The P Patch Infirmary Nancy Speed

Project Bird Watch: Helping The Seram Cockatoo Djuna Ivereigh

Relationships With Companion Parrots Juicing For Healthier Birds Carolyn Swicegood ·

Cockatoo Vocalizations Part III: Physical & Environmental Influences Sam Foster 

The Fun Pages: 
    If Parrots Had People For Pets Sally Blanchard
    Nutty Buddy Spice Rolls Roni Sparks
    Do You Wanna Do Your Trick? Sally Blanchard
    Things That Parrots Probably Don’t Do In The Wild?
    Rossco: Great New Products Paul Ross

Sharing The Beauty: Field Trip Time Mineka Hartfelder

Grey Matters Part I: New Thoughts On African Grey Parrots

Pellets & Seeds Part I: Impressions In Psittacine Feeding

The Aviary: A Few Of My Favorite Things Barbara Jo Hinsz

Toys For Your Big Bird Kashmir Csaky 

Little Bit: A Caique’s Story Tom Marshall 

The Pizza Man Commeth Marci Hummel 

Ads For Quality Breeders, Pet Shops

Welcome To The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Yeast Infections In Parrots Joel Blumberg DVM

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec & Who-Dee-Do Sally Blanchard

PBR Q & A: Defining A Good Bird Shop Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard 

Letters To The Editor

PBIC Member Only Classifieds

Editorial: Kaytee Preferred Birds And Petsmart Sally Blanchard

The Back Page · Thoughts About This Issue, Article Writers  


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