Pet Bird Report #46




100 Pages - Published February 2000 $6.00 
Cover by Molly Lee Kiuchi

Biting: Getting Past The Fear Sally Blanchard

Parrot 101: Teaching Our Grey To Be A Bird Jan L Rosser 

Bedtime Story
Karlene Guthrie 

Cockatoo Vocalizations: Redefining Communication
Sam Foster

The Optimum Behavioral Environment

A Rose (Breasted Cockatoo) By Any Other Name

Handfeeding Baby Parrots With A Syringe

Editorial: Has The Bird Biz Shot Itself In The Foot?
Sally Blanchard 

The Fun Pages 
    A Little Bird Named Myself
Spark J Settle
    Recipe: South of the Border Melts Ronie Sparks
    If Parrots Had People For Pets Sally Blanchard
    Warrior’s New Toys 

The Kitchen Table
Mineka Hartfelder 

Tiki’s Tale: Devoicing
Sybil Erdin

Eclectus Parrots

Flying A Timneh Grey
Greg Glendell

Feather Picking: The Pattern Tells The Story Jane Hallander

Alex’s Video Lessons Fall Short Lynne Page

Welcome To The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Winter Safety & Talons Joel Blumberg DVM

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec & Friends Sally Blanchard 

PBR Q & A - Diet & Behavior
Sally Blanchard

Product Reviews
Sally Blanchard

Defining Terms: Social Bonding & Imprinting Sally Blanchard

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