Pet Bird Report #45




92 Pages - Published November 1999
Cover by Lisa Walsh
Play Surfaces For Parrots

Parrots & Kids: A Positive Perspective Mineka Hartfelder

The Bird I Didn’T Rescue Silvia Tennison 

Cockatoo Vocalizations Sam Foster 

Walking Merlin (Blue And Gold) 

My Life With Suna And Luna: Two Austral Conures Monica Nichole Peluso 

Case Study: Growing Pains (African Grey) 

Creative Parrotkeeping: Raising Parrots In Twos 

The Fun Pages: 
    When is a Parrot a Flower? Donna
    Hot Cha Cha Muffins Fowl Play
    Timika with African Costumes Glenna Holland
    Come Up and See Me Sometime
    Cage Zamboni Paul Ross 

Basics Of Feather Picking: A Veterinarian Perspective Tammy Jenkins Dvm

Michaela: A Rescued Moluccan’S Progress Sue Sauer

The Case Of The Parson’S Parrot Jane Hallander 

Second-Hand Birds … Yours, Mine, And Ours 

Nobody Told Me Lori Zywiciel

Welcome To The Bird House: The Birdhouse Is Moving! Laura Ainsworth 

Bird Calls Avian Q & A: Light Flicker And Prolapsing Cockatoo Joel Blumberg DVM 

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec & Who-Dee-Do Sally Blanchard 

Report On The 1999 PBR Convention

PBR Q & A: Recognizing Progress In A Fearful African Grey, Important Advice 
    Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard

Letters To The Editor

Spike Isn’t The Only Celebrity

PBR Writer’s Guidelines

Parrots & Dinosaurs Together? 

The Back Page
Notice to PBR Readers, About This Issue, Nuts to You

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