Pet Bird Report #44




92 Pages - Published July 1999
Cover by Molly Lee Kiuchi

Traveling With The Flock ... A Key To Bonding

Calls Of The Blue-Fronted Amazon Lynne Page

Cockatoo Aggression Sam Foster 

Article Rebuttle - Weaning Trauma

Editorial: Companion Parrots & Flight: Balancing Idealism & Reality 
    Sally Blanchard

The Pleasure Of Associating With A Cape Parrot Carolan Ownby

Parrot’S Listen Too! · Surviving The Spring Nesting Instincts Diana Holloway

Are Pionus Parrots Right For You? Janelle Crandell 

Creative Parrotkeeping: Inter-Species Relationships

The Fun Pages: 
    If Parrots Had People For Pets
    Recipe: Bean-Nutty Crunchies Fowl Play
    Lesser Known Amazons Sally Blanchard
    Classifieds Without A Clue ... Spark Settle 
    Avi-Agra Paul Ross 

Pet Qualities Of Blue And Gold Macaws

Worth More Than Monetary Value Nancy Speed

Preventing Phobias In Companion Parrots Jane Hallander

Little Spike’s Big Adventure Lea Matejka

Reprint: Dinosaur & The Sock Monster (From Out-Of-Print Issue) Kirsten White ·

Commitment Lee Barthel

Welcome To The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Stachybotrys & Dairy Products Joel Blumberg DVM 

Threads From The PBR Internet List: Tool Use 

World Parrot Trust: The Golden Conure Glenn Reynolds 

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec & Who-Dee-Do Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard 

Amazons & Noise Sally Blanchard

Letters To The Editor

The Back Page · Notice to PBR Readers, About This Issue, Tidbites

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