Pet Bird Report #43




Published April 1999 
Cover by Sally Blanchard

A Tribute To Bongo Marie Sally Blanchard 

The Don’t Touch Me Parrots

Cockatoos & African Greys: Behavioral Compatibility
Sam Foster And Jane Hallander

Feather Picking & Hair Pulling: Parallel Problems? Lynn Page

Different Strokes For Different ... Parrots? 

The Case Of Saint Paddy’s Parrot
Jane Hallander

My Experiences With Ring-Neck Parakeets
Tom Marshall

Amazons In Love
Sybil Erden

Creative Parrotkeeping: A Closer Look At Toenails

    If Parrots Had People For Pets
    Recipe: How About Birdy Borscht?
Sally Blanchard 
    A Showering Experience
Sally Blanchard 
    Ask A Silly Question ...
Spark SettleS
    Spikey LeBec Psychic Hotline
Paul Ross

What’S So Greyat About African Greys? Sally Blanchard 

The Three F’S Of Cockatoo Defense: Flight, Fight, Or Freeze Sam Foster

The Illiger’S Macaw: Fully Packed With Pet Potential Jane Mckee 

Sleep: How Much Is Enough For A Parrot? 

Sassy: A Serendipity Margot Burwood 

I Am Paco’S Beak (A Reprint From An Out-Of-Print Issue) Sally Blanchard

In Praise Of Spoon Feeding Diana Holloway

Welcome To The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Aspergillus Joel Blumberg DVM 

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec Sally Blanchard

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard 

Sally Blanchard’S Companion Parrot Handbook 

PBR Q&A: Aggressive Young Grey, Punishing An Amazon, Misbehaving Stressed Green-Wing 
    Sally Blanchard

Letters To The Editor

Announcing The World Parrot Trust’s World Parrot Month

The Back Page - About This Issue - Parrots And Allergies

You Know You’re Owned By A Parrot When ..

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