Pet Bird Report #39




Published June 1998

Cover by Molly Kiuchi

Avian Adolescence Part I

The Pet Bird Report October Convention
Sally Blanchard

Fiction: The Last Companion Carolina Conure
Sally Blanchard

Tool Use In Parrots: Palm Cockatoos & Hyacinth Macaws
Lynne Page

The Hawk Headed Parrot
Donald E. Bradshaw

Amazons: The Great Eavesdroppers

The Case Of The Soaked Psittacine
Jane Hallander

The Wings Of Change
Kashmir Csaky

The Herbal Birdy
Mike Fallarino, M.A.

The Raffle Bird: Blue & Gold

Passing The Gauntlet
Sam Foster

The Fun Pages: 
    Hey Food Lady!
Jody Bright
    If Parrots Had People For Pets 
    Sweet Potato Pie
Fowl Play 
    Fun Ad: Multi-toothed Macaw
Paul Ross 

Instructional Interaction
Sally Blanchard

Sobering Thoughts About Parrots In Captivity Tamie Meck

2-Special Macaws
Lee Barthel

Where Do You Get Your Information?

So That’S What My Wings Are For?
Lynne Page

How’S Your Attitude? Kathy Richardson 

Name That Parrot
Barbara Hine 

Welcome To The Bird House Laura Ainsworth 

Bird Calls: Aspergillus
Joel Blumberg D.V.M

Pbic Member Only Classifieds 

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec
Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews
Sally Blanchard 
Book Review: Alex And Friends 
Alphabetical PBR Advertisers 
Ads For Behavioral Consultants 

PBR Q and A:
Multiple Parrots And Bonding
Sally Blanchard

The World Parrot Trust: Kakapo Nest Success Don Merton 

Letters To The Editor 

A Parrot Critic’S Misconception (Paulie Movie Review) 

Reader’s Forum: Birds Aren’t Animals?
Amy Vick

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