Pet Bird Report #38




92 Pages  March 1998

Cover by Lisa Walsh

Companion Parrot Basic Behavioral Concepts 
Sally Blanchard 

"Anting" Behavior In Kakarikis 
Lynne Page 

Of Horses And Parrots 
Jane Hallander 

Early Spring At Santa Barbara Bird Farm 

When To Say When 
Nancy Fasino· 

Those Busy-Body Caiques 
Rita Shimniok 

Rupert, The Hero Grey: In My Own Words 
Lynn Norley 

Part III Pet Trade ‘Sleepers’ 
    Citron Cockatoo
    Yellow-Collared Macaw
    Cobalt-Winged Parakeet
    Black Lory 

Wing Beats 
Chris Shank 

Blue Velvet: On The Conservation Of Hyacinth And Blue Throated Macaws 
    Dr. Stewart Metz

Touched An Angel: A Most Special Major Mitchell’s 
Sam Foster

The Fun Pages: 
    If Parrots Had People For Pets
    Hot Salsa Muffins: 
Dolores Mangione Bon Appetweet

    "Goof-Emisms" Spark Settle
    Captain Hookbill Playgym 
Jeff Riebe 

Behaviorists And Breeders: An Editorial

Wild Birds & Exotic Birds 

Jordy’s Rescue: Goffin’s Cockatoo 
Sybil Erden 

In Need Of Professional Help? 
Jill Buchanan 

The Morning Ritual 
Alexanne Stone 

Issue #38 Word Search Puzzle
Ads For Quality Breeders, Pet Shops 

Buying A Bappy: Questions To Ask, Answers To Expect 
Sally Blanchard

The World Parrot Trust: The Kaka

Welcome To The Birdhouse 
Laura Ainsworth

Bird Calls: Feather Picking, Molting, Sterilization Joel Blumberg D.V.M.

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews 
Sally Blanchard 
Book Reviews

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