Pet Bird Report #37




Published January 1998

Abundance Feeding

Au Pairrot: A Panama Amazon Helping To Raise Chicks 

    Nancy Burke, Brightheart Aviaries

Vern: The Story Of Old Red Eyes (White-Fronted Amazon)
Pam Tucker

A Coat Of Many Colors The Bronze-Wing Pionus 
Rita Shimniok, Oakridge Feather Farm 

To "B" Or Not To "B"; Boarding Your Companion Parrot Sam Foster

Part III - Pet Trade ‘Sleepers’: 
    Red-Lored Amazon
    Fischer’s Lovebird
    Rock Pebbler
    Slender-Billed Conure

Do Aviculturist’s Owe A Duty To Naturalized Monk Parakeets?
Lynne Page

Why I Love Dandelions
Lainey Alexander

The Case Of The Parrot’s Clown: A Holms Mystery
Jane Hallander

Squawkie, A Perfect Bird
Sybil Erden, The Oasis

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Through The Aviary 

    Terry Clyne, Apalachee River Aviary

Polyoma Virus: The Real Story
Dr. Gregory Rich 

The ‘Eggs’ Files

The Fun Pages: 
    If Parrots Had People For Pets
    Spicy Sweet Potato Cornbread:
Donalee Hatfield
    Should I Get A Cockatoo? Kelly Gile
    No-Stress Parrot Test Spark Settle
    Team Player: Canine Cooperation Marty Block 

Bringing Bappy Home
Sally Blanchard 

Spencer’s Story: Yellow-Collared Macaw
Kris Kroner 

The Boy And The Robin

Emergency Preparedness Planning For Birds
Garry J. Wallen 

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go: Spikey’s Canceled Trip To Canada 

    Jody Bright, PBR Staff

An Amazing Visitor: A Barred Owl
Sharon Dubois

Ads For Quality Breeders And Pet Shops 

The World Parrot Trust: The Palm Cockatoo
Stephen Garnett

Welcome To The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth 

Bird Calls: The Polyoma Virus And Vaccine
Joel Blumberg D.V.M. 

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec
Sally Blanchard 

Product Reviews
Sally Blanchard 

Alphabetical PBR Advertisers

    Cockatoo Knocking
    Getting Parrots To Eat Pellets
Sally Blanchard 

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Reader’s Forum: Continuing Organic Food Comments
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