Pet Bird Report #35




Published September 1997

Cover by Maureen De Rouin

The Myth Of The One Person Bird
Sally Blanchard 

Introducing Your Parrot To Strangers
Sally Blanchard 

Parrot See, Parrot Do
Lynne Page

Identifying The Stunted Parrot 

Why I Can’t Write 

Pionus As Pets

The Case Of The Purloined Parrot
Jane Hallander ·

Hubris and the Hand Feeder

A Whole Foods Diet
Lainey Alexander

Who Should Own A Cockatoo? Terry Clyne

The Fun Pages:  
    If Parrots Had People For Pets 
    Recipe: Papaya Pumpkin Seed Muffins
Fowl Play
    Fun Ad: Perpetual Petting Machine Sally Blanchard 
    A BLT ... ASAP
Spark J. Settle 
    Mister Helpful
Sue Egan 
    Sibling Sympathy
Sally Blanchard 

Terms Of Endearment
Barbara Jo Hintz 

Parrots In Paradise: Australian Outback
Stewart Metz 

Call Me Lucky: A Moluccan Rescue

Getting To Know The Senegal 
Terry Beaudoin

Psittacine Rescue: Personal Observation
Sybil Erden 

Parrots and Loneliness
Barbara Jo Hintz 

Goffies Are Great: Goffin Cockatoos
Connie H Casey 

Welcome To The Birdhouse
Laura Ainsworth 

Ads For Quality Breeders, Pet Shops 
Alphabetical PBR Advertisers 

Bird Calls: Stop The Eggs
Joel Blumberg D.V.M.

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec
Sally Blanchard 

Not So Subtle Mimicry
Sally Blanchard 

Ads For Behavioral Consultants 
What’s Goin’ On? Product Reviews

Rescuing Smuggled Birds From Mexico 

New! Pbr Q&A
Sally Blanchard

Pbic Member Only Classifieds
Letters To The Editor
Reader’s Forum: Purpose Of The PBR 
#35 Word Search Puzzle 
#35 Crossword Puzzle

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