Pet Bird Report #33




84 Pages - Published April 1997

Cover by Nancy Boudreau


Why Is Bad Advice Bad? Sally Blanchard

Exploration, Coordination, & Confidence 

Mirror Use In African Grey Parrots
Lynne Page

The Importance of Cockatoo Co-parenting
Chris Shank 

Amazons Are ‘Always:’ Two Yellow-napes
Barbara Hine

What It Means To Me To Be Organic Lainey Alexander 

The Case Of The Solitary Feather: A ‘Holms’ Mystery
Jane Hallander ·

Macaws As Companions II: Arrival
Joanne Abramson

Parrots: Who Should Own One? 

Parrot Pursuit In Venezuela
C. Colston Burrell

    If Parrots Had People For Pets
Sally Blanchard 
    Recipe: Twice-Baked Squash Boats 
    Jing: Beak Fu Master
Jane Hallander 
    Worse Than A Whoopee Cushion 
    DeFUNitions 101
Spark J Settle 

The Grey & The Sailor Boy: 1860 Book Reprint by
Harry Gringo 

One Case Of Grey Feather Plucking Cured Gloria J. James 

Patagonians: Time For Enlightenment
Nancy Fasino

Curly: The Ladies Man (Bare-eye Cockatoo) Chase Kimball 

Reestablishing Touch In A Fearful Grey II 

Welcome To The Bird House: A Tale Of Two Timnehs
Laura Ainsworth 

Ads for Quality Breeders, Pet Shops

Ads for Behavioral Consultants

Bird Calls: VET Q &A: Excitement In The Bird World
    Joel Blumberg D.V.M

Adventures With Spikey Le Bec: ’97 IAS
Guest author Jody Bright

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Mail Delivery Problems With The Post Office 

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Zinc & Your Parrot
Sally Blanchard 

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Be Careful Out There
Sally Blanchard 

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