Pet Bird Report #21





72 Pages - Published June 1995 

Cover by Kashmir Csaky

The Parrot Behavior Jigsaw Puzzle Sally Blanchard

A Study In Mimicry Of Wild African Greys Lynn Page

Ten Things Non-parrot Lovers Can't Understand

Lessons Learned From The Scarlet Chicos Of Tambopata

Parrot Placement Center

Raising "Cockatoo-Enhanced" Greys Terry Clyne

Hyacinth Macaws: The Royal Psittacine Kashmir Csaky

Sharing The Responsibility

Welcome To The Birdhouse: A Sad Budgie Story Laura Ainsworth


    Pretty Good Is Good Enough Connie Carlson

    New PBR Contest: According To A Parrot: How Many HumanS Does It Take 
        To Screw In A Light Bulb?

    If Parrots Had People For Pets Sally Blanchard

    Narcissistic Cockatoo Su Egan

    Fun Ad: The Amazon Avenger Sally Blanchard

    Recipe: Quick Bird Bread Francine Emrick

    Sri Helps Build A Cage

The Green-winged Macaw

Thoughts On Breeding The Truly Domesticated Parrot James J Murphy

Tales Of Tambopata Part I

Bird Calls: Avian Vet Question & Answer: Blowing (Second Hand) Smoke, A Papilloma Is Not A Pretty Site Dr. Joel Blumberg DVM

African Grey Owners: Request For Stories For Sally Blanchard's Book On African Greys

An Essay On Parrot Computer Boards, Opinions, Behavioral Credentials, & Credibility Sally Blanchard

PBR Breeder & Services Ads

Parrot Causes Need Your Money: R.A.R.E. 

Adventures Of Spikey Le Bec Sally Blanchard

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard

Book Review: My Parrot, My Friend by Doane & Qualkinbush Bruce Burchett

Letters To The Editor

The Bird Brain: Understanding The Psittachaotic Mind Humor
Sally Blanchard

Reader's Forum (Or Against 'Um) Acrylic Cage, Are They Really The Best? Thomas Knefli

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