Pet Bird Report #20





72 Pages - Published April 1995

Cover by Andrea Christine

Developmental Impact Of Weaning

Can You Say Relevance? Learning At The Pepperberg Lab Lynn Page

Don't Take it Personally

Three Poicephalus Stories:

Two Jardine's Parrots Shari Carpenter

A Meyer's Parrot

A Senegal Parrot Susan Nelson

Lessons We Have Learned: A Breeder Deals With A PBFD Breakout
Elaine Jordaan

When Your Bird Needs Surgery Kashmir Csaky

Wing Trimming: Philosophy, Psychology & Physiology

Broken Blood Feather First Aid Sally Blanchard

Parrot Placement Center

Christmas At The Birdhouse Laura Ainsworth


    Let There Not Be Light Barbara Vaughn

    If Parrots Had People For Pets Sally Blanchard

    Recipe: Sweet Potato Puffins Dolores A Mangione

    Corn On The MacawB

    Fun Ad: Styles By Spikey Sally Blanchard

    Cockatoo, Squirrel, Or Squirrely Cockatoo Sharon Keagle

Will You Still Have Your Parrot In Five Years? Sally Blanchard

The "Bappy" With Baggage Sally Blanchard (Cartoon)

The Littlest BIG Bird: Parrotlet Pet Potential Sandee Molenda

Bird Calls Avian Vet Question & Answer: Bird Ears, Pets & Quarantine
Dr. Joel Blumberg, DVM

Two Close Calls For Parrots:

Apartment Complex Fire Lee Barthel

Kitchen Accident Angela Jarvis

Preparing For An Emergency Sally Blanchard

Climb The Ladder: Teaching Young Birds Not To Wander

An Overview Of Disinfectants For Use By Bird Keepers Kim Wiggins

PBR Breeder & Services Ads

Parrot Causes Need Your Money: Dr. Branson Ritchie's Research Funding Ending

Adventures Of Spikey Le Bec Sally Blanchard

Product Reviews Sally Blanchard

Book Review: How To Care For Your Pet Bird Joel Murphy DVM

Letters To The Editor

PBR Bird Names Word Search

Issue 20 Parrot Stuff Xword

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