Perfect Lorikeet

Trichoglossus euteles

» Also called the Plain Lorikeet, Yellow-headed Lorikeet, and Olive-headed Lorikeet
» About 10" in length and 75 grams
» Endemic to the Timor and Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
» One of the least colorful Lories although they are much more attractive "in person"
» Considered to be 
stable in its range
» Not common in aviculture but are considered to be excellent companions as handfed birds.

Perfect Lories can be fed some quality dry powder but they do well with nectar, pollen, fresh fruits, veggies, including corn on the cob, and germinated seed.

Jean Gauthier writes: If I ever decide to get another lory and can chose the species, I would love to get a Perfect. The person who I talked to at the Philly Zoo said out of all of the birds in the flight, their Perfect was her favorite and that his temperament was much calmer and he was a very friendly bird. I love the Duskies and Eos species too though ... well, all of them …




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