Peach faced Conure

Now: Eupsittula aurea
Was: Aratinga aurea

» Also called Peach-fronted parakeet
» Range is southern Surinam and Brazil to northwestern Argentina.
» A smaller conure at about 10”
» Can be confused with the Half-moon conure but the Peach-front has a black beak.
» Considered to be stable within its range.
» As with the Half moon conure, these little conures don't seem as common as companions as they once were.

With physical experiences limited to one or two hand-feds, it is difficult for me to do this conure justice. The ones I have known have been fun-loving and affectionate. I bird sat for a Peach-fronted Conure that slept with his head inside his favorite bell rather than tucked into his back feathers. Another one of the birds I met loved to hang out in his caregiver’s shirt sleeve and do upside down headstands and somersaults. As with many conures, this bird clearly thought of his human friend as a playgym. Talking ability is good for a conure and their voice is generally not as shrill as some other conures




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