Parrotlet Underparts

As Mentioned about a Rare Parrotlet in the Pet Bird Report

By Sally Blanchard

Publishing a parrot magazine for so many years was not an easy task. Writing articles and doing drawings. getting good articles and drawings, coming up with ideas, formatting, getting advertising and dealing with advertisers, dealing with cranky people, and the constantly rising costs made it close to crazy-making some of the time. Probably the most difficult task was the proofreading. I now have Grammarly - it would have been so easy to have it back then. This was in the days before auto-correction and I often had to used Optical Character Recognition on typed articles. It was amazing some of the mistakes that totally changed what the author was saying.



Back in the 1990s, we had new software at the PBR that scanned text to place in our word processing program so we don’t have to type so much. When the software doesn’t recognize a word, it substitutes a word that is similar. For example, the word avian was always changed to Asian until we added it to the dictionary. I am really happy that I caught that one because sometimes when the program substituted Asian for avian, it made the sentence very politically incorrect and would have been so embarrassing for me. One time, a smudge change a description of a wonderfully supportive person from generous to onerous - not the compliment I had intended! Hopefully, we caught all such errors. Imagine my surprise, when I was reading the magazine after it went to print and read a short parrotlet article that stated that the rare Sclater’s Parrotlet females were somewhat lighter than the male with yellow "underpants" (not under-parts)




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