Poicephalus meyeri

by Sally Blanchard 

» Range is primarily in central sub-Saharan Africa to the border of South Africa. 
» Populations are still considered stable despite loss of habitat and capture for the pet trade. » » CITES II 
» Six sub-species are recognized which vary some in range, color and size.
» Size is about 8"

The Meyer’s parrot is described as being clever, quite adventurous and a bit pugnacious. They could be called the Poicephalus with an attitude … although it seems some others will give them a challenge for this description. 

Most Meyer’s caregivers describe their parrots as being relatively quiet unless they are threatened and overexcited. Many of these attractive parrots have a decent vocabulary but may not always talk clearly. The quality of their voice and the sounds that they make can be quite humorous. Their natural sounds seem to consist of quiet chirps, squeaks, whistles, and chattering. 

One caregiver reported that her Meyer’s fashions a splinter of wood or a molted feather and uses it to rub his head. Meyer’s Parrots should have plenty of toys with wood because they can be big chewers.

Many caregivers say that their Meyer’s parrots are being loving and cuddly. Some people say that they are the perfect family parrot. Others report that some Meyer’s can be quite territorial on occasion and may have a tendency to be aggressive to other animals and parrots in the household. 

Not all of them are like this but caregivers need to watch their Meyer’s parrot’s reactions to other birds. This is one parrot that responds to aggression with aggression so the best way to deal with situations where they want to go after other birds is to avoid them rather than try to solve them as they are happening. 

With some of the Poicephalus fear and aggression are closely related. Before trying to deal with their aggression, make sure that there is not something that is causing them to be afraid. If you are calm and relaxed with a parrot who is being aggressive, there is a chance that the parrot will match your energy and slow himself down.




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