African grey Jason phone

A Call from an Unknown Neighbor
by Sally Blanchard

My friend, Gordon had been trying to teach his African grey, Jason, his telephone number but all he had heard was Jason’s endless repetition of numbers — none of them in the order of the phone number.  Gordon had decided it was a lost cause until when his phone rang one afternoon. A pleasant voice on the other end said, is this 555-1234? Gordon said that it was and the woman continued, “I live down the street and just wanted to check if your parrot was actually saying his phone number. I have been hearing him practice and today I heard him say, ‘My number is 555-1234, that’s my number!’ He seemed so sure that I just wanted to call and find out if he had finally gotten it right.

(Of course the number has been changed to protect Jason from solicitors calling to sell them bird toys without Gordon’s permission. If Jason can learn his telephone number so well, perhaps he could also learn Gordon’s credit card numbers!)




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