Many of the ingredients I use in my parrot recipes are similar because they are nutritious and can be combined together in a variety of forms. You can be creative with these ingredients. I do use other ingredients but these are the ones I use the most. Some of them are fairly expensive but last a long time. If you question some of the foods I mention please go to Toxic and Questionable Foods and Some Food Myths shown below for reasons that they are healthy to feed.  

The major ingredients I use include (but are not limited to) in no particular order are:

>Sweet potatoes/yams (Organic is best ...garnet and jewel yams: the more orange color in the flesh, the more vitamin A)
>Winter Squash (Acorn, Hubbard, Butternut are some but there are more) These are the orange squashes.
>Almond butter (more nutritious than peanut butter). I prefer organic chunky with no added salt. It is expensive but one jar lasts a long time. Healthier and safer than Peanut Butter
>Cooked Quinoa seeds - complete plant protein
>Quinoa pasta (most are not just quinoa)
>Quinoa Flakes.
>Well-cooked white meat chicken
in small amounts

>Organic whole grain waffles with flax, or other healthy ingredients such as chia, quinoa, amaranth, etc.
>Plain Low-fat or No-fat Yogurt (without sugar or sugared fruit) can be digested by parrots because it is essentially "pre-digested" and has no lactose which is why people say parrots shouldn't have no milk products.
>Almond cheese (preferable white Monterrey Jack or Mozzarella type)
>Low salt white cheese like Swiss Cheese and Monterrey jack (has no lactose and is high in vitamin B12 which is not available from vegetables and fruit)
>Cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon is the highest quality)
>Shredded or cubed well-cooked chicken (or turkey) white meat
>Peppers - bell or hot peppers - they can stand the heat - I can't
>Collard greens (high in vitamin A, low in oxalic acid)
>Kale (high in vitamin A, low in oxalic acid)
>Carrots/Shredded Carrots Carrot tops (I like to weave these greens in the cage bars)
>Broccoli Florets - if your bird doesn't like broccoli, cutting the tops of these into fine pieces and putting them in moist foods will make it more likely for them to eat this nutritious veggie.
>Whole grain tortillas/wraps
>Fresh made salsa (without sugar or a lot of salt) 
>Clementines and orange slices
>Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (Hemp Oil, Flax Oil) 
>Whole-grain Sprouted Bread (I use Ezekiel Sprouted Breads but there are other brands that are good) 
>Green Tea - half the caffeine in black tea Very healthy for parrots diluted in the water bowl. The tannin can block excessive iron in the diet which is good. Full of healthy anti-oxidants!
>Hemp Hearts/Hemp Oil - EFA Omega-3 Helps skin and feathers. Hemp Hearts and Hemp seed are also very healthy for parrots
>Flax Seed Meal/Flax Seed Oil - EFA Omega-3
>Christine's Chop Shop Healthy Bird Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Blend - an excellent blend to add to moist foods especially for older parrots.
>Christine's Chop Shop Organic Green'N'Things - a healthy blend of healthy greens and spices to add to moist foods
>Christine's Chop Shop Sprouted Birdie Bites
>Christine's Chop Shop Just about any product she makes





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