Nutiberries, etc. Not Good!

by Sally Blanchard

I was asked why I don't recommend Nutriberries, Avi-cakes, or Pellet-berries by Lafebers. First of all the fact that their literature even suggests that they can be a complete diet and could be a total diet infuriates me. Of course, it infuriates me that any company would refer to their manufactured diets for birds, dogs, cats should be a total diet. First of all, Nutriberries are essentially a non-nutritive seed, ground corn, and ground peanut base with added soybean meal, corn gluten meal, corn syrup, and synthetic chemical nutrients. Maltodextrin is the 6th ingredient. It is a highly processed filler made from GMO corn that has no nutritive value. It spikes blood sugar, suppresses the natural growth of probiotics causing an inappropriate immune response to bacteria at the cellular level. It can also cause food allergies. While this information is presented for humans, I studied enough comparative anatomy and physiology to know that most toxins that create problems for humans can certainly create problems for other animals including parrots.




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