Leadbeaters Cockatoo Profile

Lophochroa leadbeateri

» Also called Leadbeater's Cockatoo and the Pink Cockatoo
» Two subspecies: L.leadbeateri leadbeateri and L.leadbeateri mollis 
» The range of the L.l.leadbeateri is in inland areas of eastern Australia and the range of the L. l. mollis is in areas of western Australia
» Listed as stable in some areas and threatened in others. These cockatoos haven't adjusted well to human encroachment on their habitat.

Although uncommon and certainly beautiful, they are generally considered high-strung and not the steadiest cockatoo as far as pet potential is concerned. However I am sure that some of these unusual cockatoos do make steady companions despite their reputation. I have never been around a Major Mitchell’s who actually came from a breeding situation that placed a high priority on early socialization. 

I have only worked with four as pets. Each one was nervous with pacing, wire-walking, and exhibited fear responses to new situations. The most well-adjusted one that I worked with had lived with his caregivers for several years and he was comfortable with them. He was not comfortable in his cage when it was near the front door. Changing the location of his cage to a less traveled area helped him a great deal. When his cage door was open, he would just about explode out of it onto his male caregiver’s shoulder. He was happy to sit there for hours continually giving the man kisses with his beak and making kissy sounds, but he didn't like to be hugged. This particular Leadbeater’s was clearly a don’t touch me bird. Of course, people usually only called me for behavioral consultations when they were having problems so I may simply not have had the opportunity to work with Leadbeaters who were well-socialized and/or not having problems. Judging from the four that I did consultations with, these gorgeous birds don't do well when they are over cuddled or live with people who try to create too strong a bond with the bird. They thrive with caregivers who can take the time to provide them with a lot of instructional interaction and attention. They seem to share some personality traits with the Rose-breasted Cockatoos. 




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