Parrots or Parents

By Sally Blanchard

New to the area and anxious to make new friends, I was attending a party with a friend. As my friend and I were talking to some new people, I suddenly said to her “Oh no - I think I forgot to lock my parrots in their cages.” I own two mischievous “Houdini” Amazons and was concerned about what they might do to my new furniture. One woman looked at me very strangely and exclaimed, “YOU LOCK THEM UP!” I replied, “Of course - they can get into horrible trouble if I don’t.” She then questioned me with great irritation, “Why do you lock them up?” I was thinking, who is this woman and why is she so shocked that I keep my parrots in cages? In a slightly defensive manner, I said: “I don’t want them hurting themselves or ruining my new furniture.” With that reply, she gave me a strange look and walked away. Later that evening, I saw my friend and this woman laughing hysterically. It was then that I discovered that the woman had misunderstood me to say that I locked my “parents” up when I left the house.




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