Bolborhynchus lineola

by Sally Blanchard

» Also called the Barred Parakeet and affectionately called Linnies
» About 6 1/2" in length and weighing in at about 50 grams
» Endemic to Central America and on to areas of northwestern South America
» Has become popular as a companion.
» Most of the Linnies bred for the pet market are mutations of one kind or another with blue and turquoise being two popular colorations.
» They are considered to be stable in the wild

This is another little gem of a parrot that has become fairly popular in the last few years. Also called the Barred parrot, they are about the same length as a Budgerigar, but a very different parrot. I have only met a couple of these and found them to be very busy and playful birds with a gentle disposition. There is a softness about them that makes them very endearing. I did notice the unusual posture and the unique way they move along their perches.

This is another small parrot that needs a good size cage because of their energy level. The cage commonly sold as a Budgie cage in many pet shops is too small for Linnies. Of course, these cages are too small for any of the small parrot-family birds with a lot of energy including budgies. These genarally mild-mannered birds should not be housed with other parrot species that may become aggressive with them.

They also like to spend time on the floor of the cage so they will probably be happier in a cage without a grate. Because of their size, curiosity and the fact that they love to burrow in clothing, caution is advised that they are closely supervised when they are out of their cages. I have heard that they talk but the birds I have met had nothing to say to me so I can’t personally vouch for this. The wild Lineolated Parrot is green with dark barring but because of their size and the fact that they mature quickly, breeders have created several mutations. It appears that some Linnies get yellow on their foreheads as they age. 




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