Lilac Crowned Amazon

Amazona finschi

» Range is the Pacific slope of Mexico.
» Listed as Vulnerable as populations decline in the wild
» One of the slim-bodied Amazons
» Feral populations are commonly seen in southern California
» Around 13" in length

The second Amazon who lived with me was a very handsome Lilac-crown. My friends who were gathering Amazons for breeding had a pair, but the hen got out and flew away so they sold me the male, whose name was Chiquitin. They also sold me one of their extra male Double-yellow heads.
 The two of them, Chiqui and Payaso lived in the same room and formed a very strong bond. Since they were my first parrots and were wild-caught, I had no idea how to work with them. I tamed them enough so that I could pick them up but they never cared much about my company. When the “male” Double-yellow laid an egg, I decided that she would be happier in a breeding situation. As I recall, I was able to find a breeder who needed a male Lilac-crowned so Payaso and Chiqui went to live with new mates.

Chiqui was a strikingly beautiful Amazon with a lush forehead of plum-maroon and lilac-lavender crown and nape. Chiqui’s cheeks were an almost iridescent green and I think he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen on a parrot. Lilac-crowns are a medium to small slim-bodied sleek Amazon. They are generally more excitable and noisier than the Green-cheek with which they are often confused by novices.

Unfortunately they are also not as popular as they once were. On a good diet, they are beautiful with an almost iridescent green with scalloped feathers. Although some are excitable, most have a more mellow personality than the more commonly known Amazons. They can have a very flashy personality with lots of “bark” but not much bite. Lilac-crowns can put on a very good show with fluffed head feathers and pinning eyes but I think they are less likely to be really aggressive. They are usually very playful and acrobatic and need lots of exercise opportunities. Well-socialized and well-nurtured hand-fed babies can stay very gentle with consistent handling and can make a good family companion if the children are taught how to handle them correctly. I think Lilac-crowned Amazons have become one of the under appreciated gems in the world of companion parrots.




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