Poicephalus gulielmi

by Sally Blanchard

» Also called the Red-fronted Parrot
» There are three sub-species: 
•Black-winged Jardine's (
Poicephalus gulielmi gulielmi) from the Congo River Basin
•Lesser Jardine's  
(P. g. fantiensis) Liberia to southern Ghana: The most common Jardine's on the United States.
•Greater Jardine's  (
P. g. massaicus) from Kenya and northern Tanzania
» These birds are still considered to have stable populations although habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade may create problems in the future. CITES II 

Hardly anyone even heard of Jardines when I started working with parrots. The first ones I met lived with Shari Carpenter. Harry and Isabel were really fun little parrots. At the time, Isabel said over 20 words and Harry said over 50. Harry has a big man attitude and the two of them were into everything if they got a chance. Harry pretended to be a bit “nippy” and threatened me when I tried to pick him up but was actually a pretty good bluffer. Shari reported that the two were not morning “people” and could be a bit grouchy until they were up for a while  ... perfect birds for me? 

Rita Shimniok who bred Jardines made no apology for the fact that they were her favorite parrots. She did a survey of Jardine caregivers and these birds were most frequently described as outgoing, cuddly, acrobatic, inquisitive, easy to handle, calm, gentle, trustworthy, and, above all, enthusiastic eaters. Common playtime behaviors included lying on their backs in their caregiver’s hand, hanging upside down from the person’s fingers, and tug-of-war games.  Laura Ainsworth reported that her Jardine went through a nippy period but with some work, he came out of it just fine and now loves to show off for

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with a little lesser Jardines. I can’t remember her real name but I called her “bug” as an affectionate nickname. It is a good thing that I haven’t brought all of the birds that I have fallen for home or I would have far too many birds to take care of properly.  It has been nice to be able to have had experiences with a whole bunch of delightful parrots. 




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