Imperial Amazon

Amazona leucocephala

» 18” (45.7 cm) The largest of all the Amazons
» Male is often more intensely colored
» From the island of Dominica in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles
» Rare in captive breeding situations. Severely endangered. Survival depends on human intervention. Was kept commonly as a pet by the people of Dominica. With education and a respect for the Amazon as the national bird, this is no longer acceptable. Populations are increasing due to the work of conservationists and education of the people. 
» CITES I: Endangered - fewer than 250 mature birds

Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017 - Some Imperial Amazons survived but I can't seem to find the actual number. Hurricanes are one of the most serious problems with the West Indies and Caribbean Island parrots. 




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