Illigers Macaw Profile

Primolius maracana

by Sally Blanchard

» Also known as the Blue-Winged Macaw 
» 14 to 17"
» The Illiger's Macaw occurs in eastern and southern Brazil, easternn Paraguay and north-eastern Argentina although they may no longer occur in Argentina.
» While they were considered vulnerable, some populations have increased so they have been down-listed to near threatened, 

These previously rare mini-macaws were becoming more common companions. On a good diet they can be absolutely gorgeous with their red, orange, and bright blue color accents. I had not handled any of them before I my visit in 1996 to a bird shop in Massachusetts. I was totally impressed with the beauty and personality of the two youngsters there. One was very sweet, outgoing, and playful, while the other was more timid. The difference could have easily been the fact that the more gregarious one was already sold and received frequent visits from his parents-to-be. As with most of the mini-macaws, the Illigers can be noisy, but this can depend on the individual, the way its raised, and  its interaction with the people in his life. Their call is supposed to be similar to the Yellow-collared but not as high-pitched.




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