Hispaniolan Conure

Aratinga chloroptera

» Endemic to Haiti and the Dominican Republic on the island of Dominica.
» About 12 ½”
» Although it is not a common companion, some birds are trapped for the pet trade.
» The Hispaniolan Conure is considered vulnerable due to habitat destruction and persecution as a crop-pest.
» The Puerto Rican Conure (Aratinga chloroptera maugei) was a subspecies of the Hispaniolan Parakeet which became extinct at the end of the 1800s.
» There is a feral population near Miami, Florida
» Part of a closely related group of conures that includes the Red-masked (Cherry-head), Cuban, Finsch’s, Green, Hispaniolan, and Wagler’s Conures

 I  haven't met any of these conures and am not sure that they are readily available in the U.S. as companions but since there is a feral population in the U.S. it seems likely that they were kept as pets or perhaps still are.




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