Half Moon Conure

New: Eupsittula canicularis
Was: Aratinga canicularis

» Also known as Orange-fronted Conure, Orange-fronted parakeet, and Petz conure.
» Range from western Mexico to Costa Rica
» Three sub-species E.c.canicularis, E.c.clarae, E.c.eburnirostrum
» Small conure at about 9”
» While populations in some of its range are declining due to habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade, it appears that it is erroneously listed as an endangered parrot on several Internet sources. This may be due to confusing this Central American bird with the Orange-fronted parakeet (cyanoramphus malherbi) of New Zealand, which is critically endangered. 
» I used to hear a lot more about these conures as companions than I do now, but they can be wonderful little buddies.

I have limited experience with this petite conure. I worked mostly with imported birds over twenty years ago when they were inexpensive and relatively common. The ones that I workers with were busy little jewels who were easy to tame and once tamed, they stayed very loving to their caregivers. I have only had the pleasure of meeting a few hand-feds and these were high activity, curious companions who, although they didn’t always enunciate properly, had decent vocabularies.




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