Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Cacatua galerita galerita

» Sometimes also referred to as the Galerita Cockatoo
» The largest of the Sulfur-crests at 22" 
» This large cockatoo lives in Australia and is often referred to as a "Cocky"
» Rarer in the U.S. than most of the other Sulfur-crests because Australia has limited exportation of any of their native birds.
» Populations of this cockatoo are stable

Greater Sulfur-crest, sometimes called Galeritas, are still not common as companions. These are majestically beautiful cockatoo who are often excellent talkers. They have high companion potential if they are raised to be independent and are able to keep themselves occupied. They need consistent daily interaction with people in their lives and require lots of new challenges and intellectual stimulation on a daily basis. They need new things to do, new toys, playgyms, new colors, new experiences ... like a very gifted child. They become bored without busy work. These intelligent birds need tremendous devotion from caregivers and will return that devotion tenfold. Galeritas make a wonderful companion for the dedicated bird owner who wants to dote on (but not spoil) their companion cockatoo.

Don’t underestimate their chewing or need for exercise; they need lots of space and various play gyms. Galeritas are unsuited to a small area and require a large macaw size cage because of their size and activity level. They need lots foraging space and room to play. These gorgeous birds can make your life very difficult if their many needs are not met. Mature males can be quite dominant but with rules and continued nurturing handling into adulthood, aggression can be controlled. Although well-socialized birds can make exceptional companions, the true Galeritas are still rare as human companions.

I had seen several Galerita galeritas, but had never met one personally until a client asked me to find him one as a companion. I located one from a breeders in the SF Bay area and we went to see the bird. My client immediately fell in love with the gentle hen. She turned out to be a perfect match and one of the most beloved and nurtured companion parrots I have ever known. I was lucky enough to bird-sit her from time to time and she was a most perfect and precious cockatoo. I also found a male for a breeder friend but he was so fat from a seed diet as a pet that he had to go on a diet to be a successful mate for the hen that they matched him with. 




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