Goldies Lorikeet

Trichoglossus goldiei

» About 7" in
 length and 45 to  grams in weight
» Endemic to New Guinea, central mountainous part from Weyland Mountains, Irian Jaya, to southeastern Papua New Guinea
» Became available in the late 1970s and is available as a companion. Considered to be one of the best lory companions.
» Because of the combination of its colors, the Goldie's lorikeet is often compared to a "watermelon." 
» Considered 
stable in its range

I have met about a half a dozen of these busy little gems and I think that they are one of the cutest Lory family birds. One of the ones that I became acquainted with was non-stop energy climbing around his play gym and banging toys around. Like many lorie and lorikeets, these little birds can be full of themselves. He had a long hanging toy with plastic chain, bells, and other dangly parts. He would hang head first and swing it until the toy was spinning around in circles. Another Goldie's had a vocabulary of a dozen or more words but said them in the voice of a cartoon character. These birds are on a long list of birds that I would've enjoyed getting to know a lot better. Goldies will eat a high quality dry powder but it should not be more than 30% of their diet. They also like germinating seed, and some fresh fruit and low iron veggies.

Jean Gauthier writes:
When I had my Goldie's pair, they would gang up and attack my much larger flightless Patagonian Conure if they could ... I hadn't really anticipated Goldie's being aggressive but I quickly learned they weren't to be let loose around my other parrots. They seemed to have a knack at discerning who was a handicapped bird and more vulnerable. I was told that "two lories are a gang." I read an article or two about keeping a single Goldie's as a potential companion for a lonely Poicephalus ... not in my household!




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