Golden Conure

Guaruba guarouba

» Also called the Queen of Bavaria Conure and Queens
» Endemic to northern parts of Brazil 
» About 13 1/2” in length 
» CITES I Endangered due to habitat destruction, capture for the pet trade and the fact that they are also considered an agricultural pest and are hunted for food and sport.
» These birds are sold as companions but it is illegal to sell them across state lines without a permit. 

I have met several of these rare and expensive birds for sale in bird shops in southern California. They are definitely beautiful and the babies are adorable. Several years ago, I visited Nancy Buelow in North Carolina and she had several of these young birds. I had been told they were loud but the youngsters didn't seem as loud to me as their reputation stated.

A couple of years ago I visited the aviary of Nancy Speed in Mississippi. She has a building with these birds consisting of parent birds and the birds she has bred. I can't remember how many Queens there were but I think there was at least a few dozen? She warned me that I would need ear plugs when we entered the building. She wasn't joking. When they were all calling together, I would almost describe it as an intense 'keening." Of course an individual bird would not make such an incredible noise and I would imagine that although they can e loud, that a knowledgeable caregiver could manage at least some of that noise. 

I have only spent time with one companion Golden Conure, and she was delightful and very playful. 




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